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Borgata to Seize Phil Ivey's Nevada Assets & Other Poker News of the Week

Watch to hear the weekly recap of the latest news in the poker world. Last week, poker players Jamie Staples and Jeff Gross both severed ties with PokerStars and will no longer be PokerStars ambassadors. What is next for them? Will they join Bill Perkins on his new Twitch stream channel Thirst Lounge? Will they continue to Twitch? Are they retiring from poker? Watch to find out! Next up, poker player Phil Galfond launched a public beta version of his new poker site Run It Once. Originally a poker training site, Galfond recently launched a new platform, much to the excitement of the poker community. Last news item of the week concerns Phil Ivey's ongoing battle with Borgata and the never-ending Baccarat edge-sorting scandal. Click here to read more about...

Poker Players React to 2019 World Series of Poker Schedule

There have been some changes to the WSOP schedule coming up. Most notably, more chips! There is also a Mini-Main Event, a short-deck event and single day Turbos! Poker players at the 888poker Live in London weigh in with their thoughts. For More on the new schedule: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/01/wsop-announces-1000-mini-main-event-33062.htm To get the opinions of Justin Bonomo, Dominik Nitsche and Ryan Riess: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/01/nitsche-bonomo-riess-react-to-2019-wsop-schedule-33123.htm Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

The State of Live Poker, How to Improve & Stay

James Williams, the reigning 888poker Live in London champion opens about the state of live poker. He shares his experiences both in this field and in general. Williams explains the difficulty in playing with certain fields and why it complicates your decisions. Williams also reflects on how the game has evolved and stayed the same over the years and how you can improve your game to stay rolled and also happy. To see the live stream: https://www.youtube.com/user/888behindthescenes Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

How Much Would it Take You to Go Vegan for a Year?

Poker Twitter has exploded in the last few weeks with people taking prop bets to go vegan. Max Silver has offered odds to people. Dan Smith might do it for charity. Doug Polk had a 6 figure number. And Jamie Kerstetter has accepted a bet with Bill Perkins. David Tuchman explain his tweet that began the responses on Twitter from the 888poker Live in London. For more on the bets check out: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/02/jamie-kerstetter-vegan-for-a-year-10k-33301.htm To see the livestream of 888poker Live in London click Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/888behindthescenes Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

Head of Poker at Aspers Casino Addresses MASSIVE Field

Sarah Herring talks to Head of Poker at Aspers Casino John Scanlon to get his thoughts on the massive increase in field size year on year. During Day 1 players were lined up into the Casino to get a seat, but there just weren't enough tables! Poker is alive and well in the UK and Scanlon explains changes are already in the works so the next event can accommodate even more players! For more on Aspers Poker Check out: http://www.aspersstratford.co.uk/poker-tournaments.html To check out live stream: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPBIav_QqkYUI3SvV4arDSA Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

888poker Ambassador Chris Mooman Explains Manig Loesers Unbelievable Fold

From the 888poker Live in London kick off event, there was a buzz about a hand from another event where Manig Loeser managed to fold a slightly worst Full House to Dan Shak. The poker community was in awe when Loeser folded 666KK to Dan Shak’s 777KK. Moorman explains how there might be some situations and factors which could compel you to fold a hand as premium as that. Article on PokerNews: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2018/10/watch-manig-loeser-full-house-dan-shak-partypoker-32304.htm More from 888poker live stream: https://www.youtube.com/user/888behindthescenes Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

FB LIVE:  Tiffany Michelle Responds to PLON Controversy, Negreanu Tweet & More

LIVE from the 888poker Live in London Kick-off event, Sarah Herring grills Tiffany Michelle about all the latest dramas to emerge from the poker world. Michelle opens up about her feelings on filtering photos, promoting woman in poker, the Daniel Negreanu Twitter Controversy, being a poker ambassador and more. Michelle is extremely candid in what she expects will be "unpopular views" and of course AuntyChardonnay is in total agreement. For more on the Negreanu controversy: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/01/the-muck-uproar-over-daniel-negreanu-state-of-poker-33235.htm For Interview with Aleeyah on PLON Drama: https://youtu.be/CuGXBVCk-y8 Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

How to Arrange Travel to Poker Events

Sarah Herring talks to Fraser MacIntyre, the CEO of Main Event Travel, poker player and entrepreneur about the evolution of Main Event Travel since its acquisition in 2014. MacIntyre reveals the different types of services that are offered, their focus and expertise, plus some of the things that create headaches in operation. You can check out Main event Travel here: https://www.maineventtravel.com/ For Live Streams from the 888poker in London check out: https://www.youtube.com/user/888behindthescenes Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

Poker Player Manig Loeser Makes Unbelievable Fold!

Both Dan Shak and Manig Loeser are well-known for playing the highest stakes in poker. Dan Shak breaks down a crazy hand that took place during a high stakes cash game at Dusk Till Dawn Casino during the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS poker tournament. In this $74,000, pot both poker players flop sets and turn full houses. Watch Dan Shak break down his thinking and strategy against Manig Loeser. What does Manig Loeser do on the river will all his profits on the line? Can he fold a full house? For more footage from partypokerLIVE Millions UK check out: https://www.youtube.com/user/partypoker Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

Would You Tip if You Won $5.1 MILLION in a Poker Tournament?!

In the latest episode "So That Happened," Sasha Salinger of PokerNews breaks down all the latest scandals and gossip in the poker world, First up, poker player Sam Grafton publicly shames Ramon Colillas for allegedly not tipping after winning the $25K PokerStars Players' Championship for $5.1 million. Colillas won a Platinum Pass, which included free entry in to the tournament as well as $5K in travel and accommodations. If you won a free entry in to a poker tournament and won $5 million, would you tip? Next up was the uproar over poker player Daniel Negreanu's tweet. He described the top 5 worst qualities a poker player can have and the poker world was not happy about it. Dara O'Kearney wrote an entire blog post about Daniel's tweet and included a photo...

Blind V. Blind Poker Strategy: Athanasios Polychronopolous V. Ole Schemion

Poker player Athanasios Polychronopolous got a lot of attention during the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25K tournament. He was involved in one of the most talked about poker hands of PCA 2019. Click below to read and watch the hand: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/01/nguyen-polychronopoulos-full-house-fold-33051.htm Polychronopolous ended up getting $ 45,700 for his 72nd finish in that tournament. Much of his play on the bubble was at a table with Ole Shemion on his direct left. Polychronopolous explains how having an aggressive, world class player to his left effected his play. He explains what his blind v. blind strategy was against Ole Shemion a world-class, aggressive player. Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure: Gaming Station

For the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Overclockers, noblechairs, and AOC teamed up to provide quite the gaming experience for players. They set up six full gaming stations, with high-end PCs, gaming chairs, and all the necessary accessories. PokerStars commentators James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton took on PokerStars Ambassadors (and gamers) Fintan Hand and Ben Spragg in Rocket League, and as you might imagine, hilarity ensued. Check out the equipment these companies have to offer: Overlookers: https://psta.rs/overclockersuk noblechairs: https://psta.rs/noblechairs AOC: https://psta.rs/aoc Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

Would YOU Agree to this $100K Prop Bet?

VitaminWater is selecting one "lucky" person to go smartphone free in 2019 for $100,000. Would you be willing to take the challenge? We asked some poker players at EPT Prague if they would go without their smartphone for 1 year and how much they would do it for. Want to enter the contest? Explain why you need a break from your cell phone and what you’d do with the time on Twitter or Facebook. Posts should include the hashtag #nophoneforaayear and #contest. Entries will be made by Jan. 8. Official rules at https://www.vitaminwater.com/legal/scrollfree_rules/ Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

Self-Proclaimed Rising Poker Star: Serdar Demircan

It has been hard to ignore poker player Serdar Demircan this week. Not only has he gone deep in two $10ks and the Main Event here in Prague, but he did so with flare. Serdar Demircan is a bundle of energy who speaks his mind and likes to have a good time at the poker table. He walks PokerNews through a bluff he pulled off against poker player Michael Addamo in the $10K. Could he be a poker star like Charlie Carrel, or maybe Daniel Negreanu, or more like former poker star William Kassouf? Only time will tell! Поделиться: Facebook Twitter В Контакте

The Most Controversial Poker Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Tells All

The latest and possibly most controversial poker Vlogger, Marle Cordeiro joins Sarah Herring for a a tell all look at her life and her content creation. She opens up about a scam that changed her life, the break-up which led to the Vlog and how the poker community has reacted to her jaw dropping comedy…or is it? Check out Marle Vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfq_VaveGZ_0lW2labkj2SA Her Social: IG: https://www.instagram.com/marlzbarkley1/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/marlecordeiro?lang=en TIMESTAMPS: 3:30 The Controversy https://www.pokernews.com/news/2018/11/new-vlogger-in-town-controversial-marle-gets-all-the-attenti-32587.htm 4:30 PSA on Tournament Poker 9:15 The Joey Ingram & Kelly Minkin Podcast Tone You can...