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The Biggest Pot Jeff Gross Won in a High Stakes Poker Cash Game

PokerNews 11.01.2018 в 16:21

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The Biggest Pot Jeff Gross Won in a High Stakes Poker Cash Game

Molly's Game is a movie based on the very real world of high stakes cash games. Jeff Gross tells PokerNews about the biggest pot he's every won off of Bill Perkins playing high stakes cash. Gross is no stranger to $100-$200, but has also played up to $1000-$2000 blinds with straddles! The thrilling world of high stakes poker has its ups, but it also has its downs. Jeff Gross also shares the biggest pot he's lost which was also to Bill Perkins in a high stakes poker cash game. He manages to change up the style of his game from high stakes cash games to the $3k buy in tournament at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2018.

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