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Poker Pro Melanie Weisner Analyzes Hand Against Tracy Nguyen

PokerNews 24.04.2018 в 18:46

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Poker Pro Melanie Weisner Analyzes Hand Against Tracy Nguyen

Melanie Weisner analyzes one of the most interesting hands from her extremely profitable session on Poker Central's Poker After Dark. Poker After Dark hosted a "Femme Fatale" Night with a fantastic female line up including Kristen Bicknell, Sofia Lovgren, Kathy Leibert, Tracy Nguyen, J.J. Lieu and of course Melanie Weisner. The night saw several really compelling hands evolve. During the PokerNews Podcast Melanie walked through 2 of the hands. You can find that here: https://youtu.be/Z8a3u8B0CJA To find the full article on the night click here: https://www.pokercentral.com/articles/melanie-weisner-closes-femme-fatale-week/ Subscribe to PokerGo to get the entire stream: https://www.pokergo.com/page/offer?&utm_source=Poker-Central&Utm_medium=Referral&UTM_campaign=Poker-After-Dark-Articles Vanywhere: https://vanywhere.com/

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