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"I'm Nobody But Everybody Love Me" - Scotty Nguyen

PokerNews 27.04.2018 в 21:58

Ежедневные новости из мира покера

"I'm Nobody But Everybody Love Me" - Scotty Nguyen

The Prince of Poker and old school Las Vegas Legend Scotty Nguyen Tells All to Sarah Herring and Brent Harrington in this interview. He opens up about his advice for young poker players both in poker and in marriage. He shares his biggest mistakes and his biggest successes. Nguyen tells his story from the early days a bus boy and trying to get a glimpse of Stu Unger and Doyle Brunson to the peak of his popularity and more. Finally he reveals his plans for the future including a totally revised approach to the World Series of Poker and a partnership with Cryptonia Poker. For more on Cryptonia: https://www.cryptonia.poker/

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