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Should Phil Ivey Get Special Treatment?

PokerNews 08.07.2018 в 21:49

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Should Phil Ivey Get Special Treatment?

Rumors have been circulating around the Rio that Phil Ivey must have asked not to be on the feature table. That reality sent a lot of poker players sharing their own opinions about if that should be allowed. Sarah Herring asked players to voice their thoughts on if this is fair and if ESPN should be able to force a player on the Final Table. This is another 888poker Gr8 Debate. Leave your comments below to share what you think. For more on 888poker: https://www.888poker.com/ Tweet that inspired the debate: https://twitter.com/audavidb/status/1015741860629770240 You can find more on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/dweb77/status/1016060452655149056

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